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Jayapadma Clinic has stood as one of the best clinic centers for patients who are suffering from illness. Dr. B Shivashankar is the best physician in bhadravathi who is connected with restoring and maintaining health when it comes to medical practices by the treatment of diseases. The physician would always look into a certain classification of disease and the types of treatment which are called specialties for the purpose of medical care to families known as a general practice. It requires certain knowledge related to diseases and their treatment for it. Their type of experience differs from other specialists. A physician doctor work treatment would always be trained to provide nonsurgical treatment to adult patients and care for their problems until it gets cured. A family physician sees patients of all ages and provides care for them. Family and patients would always be the focus of a physician’s role. Doctors frequently advise people to seek medical treatment in order to live a healthy lifestyle. This could be for so many reasons as the general physician observes the symptoms and then plans the treatment. Physicians are always trained to take care of patients in situations like illness in which some situations the examination would be difficult. Physician’s training will always give experience in treating the problems of the patient when it comes to the emotional impact of the disease.

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Dr. Shivashankar B in Bhadravathi, Shimoga is known for providing great patient care and is one of the best physicians in the city. The clinic is centrally placed in Bhadravathi, a major neighborhood in the city. The facility is easily accessible by public transportation from all main sections of the city. 

Why should we consult a Physician

The physician doctors duty would always be to maintain the patient’s health by reviewing the patient’s reports, such as diseases, injuries, and so on. If we are suffering from any kind of illness like fever, cold, cough, etc… the first visit must always be given to the general physician’s clinic because the doctor is the one who gives the required prescription to the patient once the examination is done. In some situations, a physician might also suggest patients go to a hi-tech lab for the necessary medical reports. Dr. B Shivashankar, the physician doctor in bhadravathi is experienced to assist patients with any kind of illness and making the patient healthy way. When a person is suffering from any kind of pain in the body they must first visit a physician in order to get it cured immediately. One of the most important reasons to get in touch with the doctor is to know about health problems or family history like cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, cancer or to know about any other types of serious condition. Jayapadma Clinic has stood as the best clinic for all kinds of patients for Bhadravathi. Having these diseases in the family leads to risk also.  Things like weight, Blood pressure, cholesterol, etc… should be checked and monitored over a particular period of time. There would also be tough situations to recognize the symptoms of what we are facing on our own. So visiting for general physician treatment would always be safe so that the patients don’t miss any important points related to our health problems. We should also be updated with our medicines and get vaccinated. Paying a visit to the doctor is an advantage for us in getting our sugar levels, blood pressure, etc..  checked and knowing the levels of our cholesterol which might also lead to heart sickness. When you visit the  best clinic in your area, they can help you with such illnesses. Only after the initial examination of a doctor, he/she might send you to some medical tests or lab services for further confirmation. In a few situations, the physician might also ask patients to go through some lifestyle changes in order to get treated for certain conditions. 

Easy affordable and healthy eating tips.

The meals should be containing higher fiber carbohydrates

Eating fruits and Vegetables

Eat food that includes a portion of oily fish

Avoid saturated fat and sugar

Use less salt: no more than 6g a day for adults

Maintain a healthy weight and be active

Do not remain thirsty

Do not skip the breakfast

Eating food that contains protein

Limit snack foods in the home

Controlling emotional eating 

Healthy food
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Dr. Shivashankar B is one of the best physician we have ever come across. He is very honest and humble



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What to do if you are sick

1) Stay home for the medical care

  • People suffering from COVID-19 would be having illness and can be recovered at home with proper precautions of medical care. Do not step outside your home except for medical care and not visit public places.
  • Always take medical care at home and be hydrated
  • Staying in touch with the doctor is very important before getting the medical care 
  • Avoid using public transportation. 

2) Be far away from other people.

  • Be in a room and far away from other people and pets in your home and use a separate bathroom if possible. If need to visit other people outside of the home wearing the mask should be compulsory. 
  • A person infected with Covid 19 can spread starting 2 days before the person would be having any symptoms or tests positive. Thus by letting known to the close contacts it helps in protecting everyone. 

3) Examine your symptoms

  • When suffering COVID-19 it includes cough, fever, and other symptoms
  • Health care or medical care providers and other local health authorities always give instructions for checking your symptoms and other information.