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The first step toward a healthy body, lifestyle, or therapy is to have a precise diagnosis of the ailment. Dr.B Shivashankar in Jayapadma Clinic maintains the quality of medical services by looking into the essential medical services with the upgrade of the latest technologies and the manner of conducting medical tests.

Diabetes and cardiovascular disease are the two global epidemics that are the major causes affecting the population of low and middle income. Diabetes mellitus which is also commonly known as diabetes is a metabolic disease that leads to high blood sugar. This Harmon insulin takes the sugar from the blood to cells for the storage of energy.

With the symptoms of diabetes, our body doesn’t prepare enough insulin. Men with diabetes symptoms start to suffer from low erectile dysfunction and less muscle strength.  The body breaks down the carbohydrates the food which we eat into blood sugar that uses for energy and the insulin needs to get glucose into the cells of the body. Type 2 diabetes which is common, doesn’t use insulin properly. While some people control their sugar levels by eating healthy habits and doing regular exercise others need medicine or insulin to manage it.

Increasing our physical  level of activities or getting the treatment early helps the sugar levels to the normal range. This has been raised throughout the world and can lead to the problems like heart disease, stroke, eye problems etc. There is an organ in our body which is called as pancreas that produces insulin in our body. When this insulin doesn’t function properly in our body then it leads to diabetes the condition where glucose or sugar levels would be high in our blood.

Glucose is considered to be the fuel in our body. This pancreas would make the insulin move glucose from the  bloodstream to muscle, fat, liver cells etc..  and turn it into energy. People with this diabetes would be having more blood sugar because our body is  unable to move glucose into fat, muscle cells and to be stored for energy.

Our Jayapadma Clinic assists in the appropriate management of the ailment, as well as the prevention and treatment of the problem. Dr. B Shivashankar, a Diabetes specialist, supports with health care and managing the emotional aspects of the disease. We assist patients by offering highly specialized care and therapy for people suffering from diabetes-related illnesses.

Diabetes mellitus which is also commonly known as diabetes is a group-related metabolic disorder that is identified by a high blood pressure level over a period of time. These symptoms would often contain thirst, frequent urination, etc. If this would be left without treatment diabetes starts to cause many complications related to health. Diabetes usually occurs to the pancreas not producing sufficient insulin or which could be the cells of the body not responding to the insulin produced. Insulin refers to the hormone which is in charge of helping glucose from the food that gets into the cells for energy. People suffering from diabetes can also experience diabetic ketoacidosis which is a metabolic disturbance which is specified by nausea, abdominal pain, and vomiting. This disease requires treatment in the hospital. A situation that is rarer but very dangerous condition is a hyperosmolar hyperglycemic state which is most common in type 2 diabetes and would be the main reason for the dehydration which is caused by the high blood sugars.