Jayapadma Clinic

Jayapadma clinic is always willing to accept new patients suffering from colds, coughs, fever, etc., and always want to treat and heal them in a healthy way. The new healthcare facility with specialties ranging from general practice medicine. At Jayapadma clinic, your health is always will be our first priority. Our warm and caring physician Dr. B Shivashankar in Bhadravathi is fully trained and equipped with experience to handle all of your medical needs while providing professional care that is focused on the healing process rather than just masking your symptoms. Please step inside the warm and welcoming atmosphere of Jayapadma Clinic. We have always welcomed patients from new patients to referrals from existing patients. We believe that compassionate care along with a desire to help people stay healthy are more important than a high income per services rendered for us. Visiting the Jayapadma Clinic will let a person experience the difference of quality treatment and care. As per the visions of Jayapadma clinic, the facility was equipped with state-of-art infrastructure, utilizing the most advanced technology is always willing to share the knowledge between their employees and students, improving health care facilities in remote areas, which will be one of their future missions to serve humanity. As per their vision to help people understand/realize their full potential as far as health is concerned.

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